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consternation n : fear resulting from the awareness of danger [syn: alarm, dismay]

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  1. Amazement or horror that confounds the faculties, and incapacitates for reflection; terror, combined with amazement; dismay.
    • ?, Chuck Klosterman,
      It was probably worth four millennia of consternation and regret.


Amazement or horror; terror, combined with amazement; dismay

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Live Consternation is the name of the Katatonia CD/DVD compilation release from their live performance at the Summer Breeze Festival in Germany in 2006. It was released on May 28, 2007.
Live Track Listing:
  1. Leaders
  2. Wealth
  3. Soil's Song
  4. Had To (Leave)
  5. Cold Ways
  6. Right Into The Bliss
  7. Ghost Of The Sun
  8. Criminals
  9. Deliberation
  10. July
  11. Evidence

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